Mystery Glass

English? French? Moser? Harrach?

This gold rococo enameled glass caught my attention a number of years ago. The same shapes, colors, polished pontils and gold rococo decors were showing up repeatedly.  After seeing several pieces a pattern was forming, it appeared that it was all made, or at least the majority of it, by the same maker.  I started buying a piece here and there, and found that the gold decorating is very high quality, as is the glass.  All pieces have nicely polished pontils, and are definitely from a high quality glass house.  The big question was the proverbial "Who done it?"  Several antidotal possibilities existed, but nothing was materializing as far as solid evidence.




This beautiful rose colored lidded box is interesting.  It has a thin casing of pink glass over clear glass. 

They cut a beautiful 24 point star on the top that goes through the pink casing to the clear for added detail.




I've been collecting this gold enamel Rococo decorated glass for several years, wondering who produced it.  Several makers, countries even, have come to mind, and I've searched through a multitude of references, manufacturer catalogs, design books, etc., but nothing concrete was established in identifying a maker. That is until I recently.   I was scouring my usual buying haunts, and noticed a new rose bowl that had been posted up for sale in the U.K. from a seller I've bought many pieces of glass from throughout  the years.

  I thought to myself, great another piece of this mystery glass, and it's in a rose bowl shape (I collect rose bowls), but as I looked at their advert and photos, this one was different.  Oh it had the typical gold rococo decor like the others, and the glass appeared to be high quality like the others, BUT THIS ONE IS SIGNED!!  Finally!  This one is signed with the Mont Joye Legras & Cie gold monk mark inside the polished pontil on the base:


One big happy family of Legras gold recoco enameled glass.