Harrach Tango Glass? Yes!

After speaking with several museum curators in the Czech Republic about Tango Glass, it quickly became apparent that almost every Bohemian glass manufacturer of luxury glass made Tango Glass.  It was fashionable, and more importantly to the glass makers, it was profitable.   It’s debatable as to which glassworks first produced tango glass, but for the sake of this article, it will only depict, and discuss Harrach Tango Glass.

One great thing about the Harrach Museum and its depository, which is on the grounds of the Harrach Glassworks (now Novosad & Son), is that these pieces have resided there since they were produced there.  The sole purpose of this article is to document examples of Harrach Tango Glass.

Please note that these photos are shown in thumbnail format, clicking on them will show the original image size.

Harrach Tango Tea Pot

Harrach Tango Covered Sugar

Harrach Tango Creamer



Harrach Tango Appritife



Harrach Tango Wine

Original Harrach Sales Photo of Tango Animals

The designers at Harrach were always known for being imaginative, but these Tango Glass animals are over the top!   I was able to find the original sales photograph, and many of the matching items.


Harrach Tango Style Duck Decanter – 7/311
Harrach Tango Style Owl – 7/475
Harrach Parrot Tango Variant – 7/495
Harrach Tango Bird Decanter – 7/319
Harrach Tango Chicken – 15/367






After posting my Harrach Tango Glass article, Lawrence P. Taylor submitted a photo of a Harrach Tango Duck Decanter, note this is a variant of the same Harrach Duck Decanter, design no. 7/311 as shown above.


Harrach Tango Duck Decanter design no. 7/311 Acid Stamp. This is a later Harrach Mark. Submitted by Lawrence P. Taylor.











Harrach Squat Tango Basket

Harrach Tall Tango Basket







Harrach Tango Perfume

Harrach Tango Atomizer







Harrach Tango Silhouette Vase

Harrach Tango Fan Vase







Harrach Tango Tumber - Greek Key Decor

Harrach Tango Bowl - Greek Key Decor







Harrach Tango Glass with Paper Label


Harrach Tango Cameo Glass!

Harrach Tango Cameo Glass Vase with Deco Parrot Decor.







Harrach Tango Decantor Sets Original Sales Page

Harrach Deco Decanter Set - Tango Variant

Harrach Decanter Set - Tango Varian


These liquor sets may not be Tango in the purest sense, but they certainly  adhered to the deco Tango theme.




Harrach Tango Sales Catalog Photo


I have never seen one of these Harrach Tri-color Tango Dragon vases for sale, but here we have three of these exceedingly rare examples!

Harrach Tri-color Tango Dragon Vase 1

Harrach Tri-color Tango Dragon Vase 2

Harrach Tri-color Tango Dragon Vase 3


Harrach Tango Vase

Harrach Deco Tango Vase


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  1. I was floored when I saw all the Harrach Tango in the museums there. I had forgotten it until now but it really is an area worth researching more with all the interest in this kind of glass. I love the dragons.

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