Fritz Heckert – Dr. Willy Meitzen Design

I really enjoy a lot of the Art Nouveau glass from Fritz Heckert, and I recently picked up a piece from an auction.  Although it was not advertised as signed, I was certain it was a Fritz Heckert piece.  When I received it, I was ecstatic, it’s such a beautiful piece in person.  The aqua blue iridescence is fantastic, the photos don’t do it justice.

I decided to check the base with a loupe to make sure there weren’t signs of a mark, perhaps one that had worn off as I’ve seen that before, but nothing on the base to indicate a mark ever existed.  I checked the rest of the vase, and to my surprise I saw that indeed it had a signature placed within the design, and surprisingly one I’ve never seen before.  It’s marked “Dr. W. M.” as seen below:

I posted photos of the signature and vase online, and was pleasantly surprised when a fellow glass collector and researcher promptly responded that it was documented in PMC V.94 and V.95 as a Fritz Heckert piece with a design by enamelist Willy Meitzen. The Glasmarkenlexikon references the signature as a “Dr. Willy Meitzen”.  I’ve seen many Fritz Heckert pieces designed by Max Rade, but this is the first piece I’ve seen outside of the Passau Museum by Dr. Willy Meitzen.


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